Name of the Course:        INDIAN ART AND CULTURE

Course Objectives:           The course provides an overview of Indian art and culture through a historical lens. Students will be introduced to the Indian idea of art and aesthetics, evolution of Indian architecture, sculpture and painting.

Unit 1:        The Art of the Indus Civilization

Unit 2:        Evolution of Buddhist Architecture

Unit 3:        Empire and Art under the Mauryas

Unit 4:        Indian art and Aesthetics

Unit 5:        Indian sculptural traditions

Unit 6:        Evolution of Temple Architecture

Unit 7:        Indian Painting

Unit 8:        Art and Architecture under the Delhi Sultanate

Unit 9:        Art and Architecture under the Mughal Empire

Unit 10:      Indian Art in the Colonial Period and beyond

Suggested Readings:

Vidya Dehajia: Indian Art

Partha Mitter: Indian Art

S.K. Saraswati: A Survey of Indian Sculpture

Percy Brown:  Indian Architecture Volumes 1 &2

Percy Brown: Indian Painting

Stella Kramrisch: Indian Temple Architecture Volumes 1 &2

Internet resources: 


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