Jamal Eddine El Hani
Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Rabat

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Starting from the academic year 2014-2015, the Faculty of Letters has entered a new era in its history with the merging of both Mohammed V- Agdal and Mohammed V-Souissi Universities. It is now a component of the Mohammed V University of Rabat.

In 1957, the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Rabat, as an institution of higher education, was the first milestone of the first university of modern Morocco. However, its history dates back to the early twentieth century as an extension of the Institute of Advanced Moroccan Studies dating from 1920. It is for nearly six decades that the faculty has undertaken the task of training the intellectual, administrative, diplomatic and political elite of the country. It also participated in the training of professional staff for several brotherly and friendly countries of the Kingdom.

This rich history of the Faculty of Letters of Rabat is a heavy responsibility to bear for the current generation. Today, this prestigious institution of higher education is facing new challenges. It must deal with the future with confidence and conviction and adapt its training and scientific research to real needs that meet the overtly or tacitly expressed requests. The role of FLHSR, as a public institution of higher education, is to address this request and its requirements and satisfy them. While strengthening its historical achievements, the faculty must adjust to a new world characterized by competitiveness and excellence. To achieve this, it is necessary to consolidate its priority areas of training and research, through being open to the future and prepared to cater for the needs of the society and to train the elite of tomorrow. Thus, innovative vocational and cross-functional trainings will be encouraged to enable young students to acquire the skills they need to face the job market and be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. In addition, the faculty, full of renowned competences at the national, regional or even international scale should participate in the training or upgrading of a larger public thirsty to renew their knowledge and know-how.

For this, the institution must make special efforts to offer adequate training and address research topics that tackle the XXI century issues.

All these actions must converge simultaneously to prepare the Moroccan youth for the future society . Therefore, it is no more enough to form well-filled brains, but rather necessary to train citizens imbued with their culture and open to the universal values. Para-academic activities should aim to open the minds on the cultural and civic concerns allowing them to be free and independent.

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