University related structures:

Name of structure Nature Establishment Person in Charge
Physical Geography Laboratory FLHS M. Taïllassane
Migration and Culture Team FLHS S.Graiouid
Culture, Language, Education, Society and Development Team FLHS Y. Kirat
French , French-language and compared Literature Team FLHS N.Harifi
Oral heritage and popular cultures Team FLHS E.M. Chadli
The narratives of the Morocco-Andalusian text Team FLHS S. Yaktine
Literary and criticism issues in Andalusia and Morocco Team FLHS K. Houseini
Andalusian literature in its greatest human experiences and trends Team FLHS F. Tahtah
Linguistic theories and Language didactic Team FLHS A. Okab
Communication and research theory(ies) in language Team FLHS M. Boulboul
The Mediterranean and the Islamic world Team FLHS A. Benhadda
Clinical psychology and pathology  team Team FLHS A. Dachmi
Desertification, water and soil management and sustainable development Team FLHS A. Laouina
Biogeography study and research team Team FLHS D. Chahhou
Region and Regionalization research team Team FLHS M. Berriane
Rabat circle for Islamic studies research Team FLHS F. Hamada
 Devine religions and similar situations Team FLHS M.A. Smaili
Philosophy at the service of men Team FLHS A. Benmaissa
The book and edition in Morocco Team FLHS M. Sadid
Art and literature Team FLHS Myna Kaptan
Literature and history Team FLHS J.E. El Hani
Ethnography and cultural heritage Team FLHS H. El Bahraoui

Structures unrelated to the University:

Name of the structure Nature Establishment or institution Person in charge
Royal Institute  for Research in the Moroccan History. Research center M. Kably
Centre Jacques Berque Research center SCAC Michel PIRALDI
EMAM – UMR 6173 Team University of Tours – CNRS Nora      SEMMOUD
BIGSAS Doctoral training University of Bayreuth D. IBRIZSIMOV
Centre of historical studies Training by research establishment CNRS Paris School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences Jocelyne Dakhlia
Dirassat Laboratory Training by research establishment University april 9 Tunis Abdelhamid Henia
Center of Globalization Research Center Duke University Walter Mignolo
Center of English Studies Post-graduate center University of Stirling David Richards
Departemento de philologia Francesa Training by research establishment Universida De Madrid Marta Tordesillas
Estudio arabes y Islamicos Research Center Univesidad de la Laguna Maravilla Aguir Aguilar
Carsep Training by research establishment University of Picardi Jules Verne –Amiens Luc Vendromme