Doctorate Registration 

Applications for the doctoral programs “”Man and Space in the Mediterranean World”” at the Doctoral Studies Centre (CEDOC) are open from late June to mid-July.

The pedagogical pre-registration

  • Applicants can get the application files from the Doctoral Studies department during the first 3 weeks of September.
  • The deadline for submitting the applications is the second Friday of October
  • The selection process takes place during the third and fourth weeks of October.
  • The admission results are announced in the first week of November

Administrative registration

  • Submission of registration forms to the Higher Studies Department.
  • The doctoral session takes place during the third week of November.
  • Overview of the CEDOC (its philosophy, its structures, the new doctoral system, the principle of the thesis charter, planned modules.).
  • Presentation of the different doctoral programs.
  • Interdisciplinary  conferences.
  • Presentation of the library.
  • Pedagogical meetings with the selected doctoral students.
  • Announcement of the Module Programs provided by the University Doctoral College and those provided by the CEDOC.

Documents required for pedagogical pre-registration

Applicants for the Doctoral program “”Man and Space in the Mediterranean World”” must provide the following documents:

  • The Master’s degree or an equivalent.  Holders of a specialized Master must obtain a derogation following a notice from the CEDOC and write a formal request addressed to the President of the University through the head of the CEDOC.
  • A copy of the Master’s research paper or the final project of the equivalent degree.
  • An updated résumé highlighting the candidate’s different experiences.
  • A two-page summary of the previous works of the candidate (M.A and others).
  • The research project of their thesis.
  • Two references by two teachers who know the candidate acknowledging his ability to take doctoral studies.
  • Photocopy of the university degrees.
  • Application form for the registration.