Terms of assessment and deliberation

Nature of assessments:

The assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies for each module takes the form of continuous assessments such as exercises, tests, assignments, presentations, reports or any other means of assessment as approved by the teachers of the study branch. However, if necessary, aside from the continuous assessments, a final test can take place.

Each module provides at least two continuous assessments for each module element per semester. These assessments are programmed during teaching hours.
The final test, if given in addition to the continuous assessments, takes place at the end of the teaching period of one or all the module elements.

Grade of a module element and of a module :

The grade of a module element is equal to the weighted average of the continuous assessment (CA) grade and that of the final test (FT), if scheduled. The weighting between the two is specified in each course description.
The grade of a module is a weighted average of the grades of the component elements. The weighting between the module elements takes into account their hourly volumes.
The grade of a module element and the module lies between 0 and 20.

Terms of validation

– Validation of a module: A module is validated if its score is greater than or equal to 10/20 and if none of the grades of its composing elements is less than the minimum grade specified in the course description: 06/20

– Validation of a semester: A B.A semester is validated if:

  • The average grade of the semester modules is greater than or equal to 10/20
  • No grade of any module is less than 05/20
  • No grade of any module element is less than 06/20

– Validation of a study branch: A B.A study branch is validated if all of its semesters are validated. An M.A study branch is validated if all of its modules are validated.

– Catch-up sessions and the highest grade:

The catch-up session applies to the final test. It can be written or oral.

The catch-up session does not apply, in any case, to the continuous assessments. The grade of the latter is kept and weighted with the catch-up session’s grades

When a module element is subject to the catch-up session, the student keeps the highest grade among the normal and the catch-up sessions