The library of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (FLHS) of Rabat is the first and most important Moroccan university library since the independence. Its history is linked to the founding in 1917 of the “Ecole des Hautes Etudes Marocaine” by the French colonial administration. Therefore, the library is very rich in a very rare documentary collection, manuscripts, prints and maps.

Since the independence, the documentary collection of the library has gradually been enriched by new acquisitions, gifts, books and magazines, FLHS publications and theses and periodicals.

The library has been, since 1957, at the service of training and research.

The library is open to both internal users (teachers and students) and external users (researchers and students of other Moroccan and foreign institutions and universities: 50%)

The library collection

The library (late 2008) comprises about 300000 documents (photos and microfilms) distributed as follows:

  • Books in Arabic: 86 972
  • Books in Latin languages: 94 827 — more than 30 000 of which are considered as reserves (published before 1960 and which formed the basis of what has been preserved by EHEM)
  • Lithographs: 135 (83 titles)
  • Manuscripts: 550
  • Periodicals in Arabic: 645 titles and 13 885 Journals
  • Periodicals in Latin languages: 1723 titles and 30 545 journals
  • Theses: 3,446 (10,400 copies) among which 2516 are in Arabic and 930 in Latin languages
  • Maps: 52286

Structure of the library

The library currently lies on over 6000 m2 distributed as follows:

  • Repository: 1607.59 m2
  • Ground floor: 2875.78 m2
  • First floor: 1063.83 m2
  • Al-Irfane Site: 470 m2

Library staff:

The library (early 2009) includes 29 employees, 10 of which are assigned to the administrative and IT  departments, 5 in the repository, 12 in the reading rooms (3 teachers’ rooms, 5 postgraduate students’ rooms , 4 bachelor students’ room – Al-Irfane site), 1 in the Maps’ room, 1 in the magazines’ room)