Pre-registration and registration of new high school graduates

The new high school graduates can pre-register via the website of Mohamed 5 University – Agdal by connecting to the following address: starting from March of each year.
Starting from the second week of July, the pre-registered students can confirm their registration by filing their applications at the registrar’s office. Once registered, the student may get his/her schooling certificate and student card.

After the registration, the student is registered for the SIGA (Academic Management System). This allows him/her to be officially enrolled in the Faculty at the administrative and pedagogical levels. He/she will be assigned a unique code and a password (default 28 followed by his/her CNE- National Student Code) that he/she will have to change immediately. The code and password will allow the student to connect to the SIGA via the faculty Web site: at first to check his/her file, enrollment in the various modules, his/her group for each module and time table and later to see his/her results and be able to re-register.

Registration file:

The administrative application file consists of:

  • Original Baccalaureate degree;
  • Four certified copies of that degree;
  • 4 stamped envelopes;
  • A 13-Dirham Stamp for the library
  • 30 Dhs for the student’s card;
  • 4 photos;
  • A certified copy of the ID;
  • An extract of the birth certificate;
  • Pre-registration form duly completed (provided by the Faculty)
  • Medical record.

Registration will be final after approval by the registrar’s office.