International conventions – Faculty of letters and Human Sciences, Rabat

1.    Paris Diderot University (France) Framework AgreementExchange of teachers, students, technical and administrative staff, development of joint programs of training and research, joint organization of seminars, workshops and conferences as well as joint supervision of theses
2.    Paris Diderot University (France) Application Convention on Academic Mobility(Terms of exchange)
3.    University of Cagliari, Cagliari (Italy) AddendumWorkshop organization in Morocco and Italy, exchange of professors and students (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
4.    Jacques Berque Centre for Studies in Social and Human Sciences, (Rabat) Framework agreementCo-organization of conferences, symposia and seminars and exchange of documentation

+ Amendment: co-publishing a collection of books entitled “College de France”

5.    University of Jakarta (Indonesia) Memorandum of UnderstandingExchange of professors, students, researchers, organizing cultural exchange programs, joint research, joint supervision of doctoral students, exchange of publications and scientific publications, holding scientific seminars and joint training programs
6.    Oracle Academy, (USA) Advanced Computer Science Agreement
7.    Russian Cultural Centre (Rabat) Protocol of CooperationAssigning a reader, offering bibliographic, audiovisual and multimedia support for the training of students and researchers
8.    State University of St. Petersburg (Russia) Cooperation AgreementExchange of teachers, students, distance learning program organization and organizing of joint educational projects
9.    Institute of Research for Development (France) Internship ConventionEmanuel Goussot

(Department of Geography)

10.    The House of Wisdom, (Iraq) Memorandum of UnderstandingThe organization of regular meetings, exchange of publications, encouraging joint research projects and cooperating in the field of translation
11.    Camoes Institute, Lisbon (Portugal)  Protocol of Cooperation + AddendumBibliographic, audiovisual and multimedia support for training of students and researchers offering exchange programs and scholarships.
12.    Konrad Adenauer Foundation office in Rabat (Germany)  Cooperation Agreementconducting a number of seminars and conferences projects
13.    University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) Protocol Agreement on CooperationExchanging students, Cooperation Program (Modern and Contemporary History), exchanging publications, jointly supervise theses
14.    Institute of Research for Development, (France) Accommodation AgreementRomain Simenel
15.    Yunus Emre Institute, (Turkey)  Memorandum of UnderstandingEstablishment of a Department of Turkish Studies and Turcology
16.    The National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INACLO-France) Cooperation Agreement + AmendmentUniversity exchanges, research training, scientific research publications, supervision of doctoral students
17.    University of Napoli “L’Orientale” Cultural Cooperation Framework Agreement + Executive Program:Exchange: research professors, students, scientific information, technical and administrative staff and implementation of joint supervision of theses agreements
18.  Tokyo University for Foreign Studies (TUFS-Japon) Memorandum of Understanding :Student, faculty and professors’ exchange, co-organization of seminars, development of e-learning programs
19.    Egyptian Cultural Center, (Rabat) Memorandum of UnderstandingEncouraging cultural exchanges, organization of seminars and lectures and joint activities, exchange of professors and experiences
20.    University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) Memorandum of UnderstandingExchange of professors, academic staff, students, exchange of documentation, joint research programs, organization of seminars and conferences
21.    Institute Yunus Emre, (Turkey) Protocol of Cooperation:Establishment of Yunus Emre Institute in Med-V University
22.    University of Bucharest (Romania) Cooperation Agreement + amendement Conference projects in Rabat and Bucharest
23.    University Aix en Provence / Marseille (France) Partnership AgreementExchange of publications, digital assistance, co-publishing, exchange of technical and administrative staff
24.    NIMAR Dutch Institute in Morocco (Rabat) Framework agreement
25.    University of Western Ontario (Canada) International Research Collaboration Agreement:Exchange of professors, administrative and technical staff, students, co-supervision of doctoral students, carrying out joint research projects

Agreements on joint supervision of theses

1.      University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France)  Joint supervision agreementZineb Chrai

(French Department)

Naima Samri

(Psychology Department)

2.      BIGSAS: University of Bayreuth (Germany) Joint supervision agreement1-D. El Maarouf

2-M. El Naggare

(English Depatment)

3.      University of Provence (France) Amendment to the joint supervision agreementMs. Zineb Cherkaoui

(French Department)

4.      University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X) (France)  Joint supervision convention Fatima Lahssini

(Department of Portuguese)

National conventions

1.      National Human Development Observatory Amendmentmodifying the Partnership Agreement
2.      Khadija, may Allah be pleased with her, Centre to support the Prophet, peace be upon him  Cooperation AgreementOrganization of cultural activities, exchange of publications
3.      The Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture Cooperation AgreementPreparing a Master’s degree in Amazigh Language and Culture
4.      National Agency for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of the southern provinces of the kingdom Partnership Agreement: Acquisition of Books
5.      The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco A framework agreement for a partnership bibliographic processing, electronic exchange of information and documents, organizing training sessions for the management of libraries, the organization of joint intellectual activities
6.      NCHR / National Agency for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of the southern provinces of the kingdom / COP Cooperation Agreementfor the creation of the center of the Saharan Studies
7.      National Council for Human Rights  Cooperation Agreementfor the creation of the center of studies on the history of modern times
8.      The Council of the city of Rabat Memorandum of UnderstandingFor the organization of the World Forum of Mayors
9.      The National Committee for the prevention of traffic accidents Cooperation AgreementOrganizing awareness-raising events, providing opportunities for field Trainings for the benefit of students, conducting social and psychological researches, establishing programs follow the psychology of victims of traffic accidents
10.  Ministry of Youth and Sports  A framework agreement for partnership Organize scientific forums, issuing specialized publications for youth, encouraging youth to take advantage of accommodation centers, involving university students in the elaboration of ministry programs, organizing ‘University of citizenship’ across the country
11.  the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Work A framework Agreement for partnershipOrganizing scientific events about social work, organizing the University of citizenship, creating opportunities for field trainings for the benefit of university students, training trainers in social work, involving the university and scientific research in the Week of Solidarity, which is organized by the Foundation and involving university students in community service